Qu'est-ce que la publicité programmatique ?
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Apprenez tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la publicité programmatique et découvrez les enjeux ainsi que les nombreux avantages à faire des campagnes programmatiques.

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The advertising landscape has changed a lot in recent years with the advent of digital advertising. The majority of digital investments for advertisers are now concentrated online. They exceed those dedicated to classic television advertising. The notable change concerns display and the evolution of the role that programmatic digital advertising can currently play. Based on algorithms, big data and human expertise, it is a boon for advertisers wishing to maximize their chance of reaching their target because programmatic marketing makes it possible to serve a banner to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. .

Programmatic definition

Programmatic manages to stand out because it facilitates the purchase of advertising placements. Unlike traditional display offering the possibility of reserving them in advance, programmatic digital advertising allows publishers to sell their advertising spaces in a logic of auctions to the highest bidding buyers, sometimes in real time. (RTB). A wide range of tools allows media trader d’atteindre des cibles de manière précise grâce au ciblage par device, démographique, géographique,... en utilisant des formats pertinents et des algorithmes en fonction des objectifs de l’annonceur.

Programmatic tools

Programmatic marketing has established itself within digital advertising by bringing with it a technical and specific vocabulary. Thus, Adexchanges are automated platforms that connect buyers (advertisers, agencies) and sellers (advertising agencies, publisher support sites). The trading desk (agences programmatiques) gèrent les achats de placements publicitaires pour le compte d’annonceurs en utilisant des DSP (Demand-Side-Platform). Par conséquent ils leur permettent de gérer des campagnes au sein d’interfaces comme Xandr ou encore DV 360... Les éditeurs (publishers) cherchent à monétiser les espaces publicitaires de leur site via des SSP (Supply-Side-Demand). De ce fait, les acheteurs ont accès à leur mise en vente de manière automatisée et permet d'optimiser leur programmatic strategy.

La gestion de données peut s'opérer sur une DMP (Data-Management-Platform) dans l’optique de les utiliser à des fins de ciblage. Parmi eux on retrouve le ciblage de profils socio-démographiques, intentions d’achat et centres d’intérêt.

Why do programmatic advertising?

La programmatic digital advertising optimizes the strategies of brands and advertisers and adapt them according to the target audiences. Under these conditions, the advertisers are in a logic of buying audience and less advertising placement (classic media planning).

There are different reasons for doing programmatic campaigns. Brands can reach their target on all media, computer (desktop), mobile, tablet, radio, TV and social networks. They have even more opportunity to get in touch with their audience and offer engaging content in order to gain notoriety or generate conversions.

Personalization is the future of digital marketing and programmatic advertising addresses this issue. Thanks to technology, the use of data makes it possible to personalize messages in real time in order to display more relevant and less intrusive ads. Generic messages have less impact, and tailor-made content design helps build engagement. The goal is to create an audience that participates and interacts with the brand.

The notion of Lovebrand takes on a lot of importance in the digital age. Consumers no longer want to be passive and want to have a role within the brands they love. They have the capacity to elevate and alter the image of a brand. In this context, it is imperative for them to create relevant experiences for their target. Programmatic marketing provides access to quality inventories in a multitude of formats and generates engagement while being able to measure impact.

In short

By combining algorithms and data, programmatic advertising enables advertisers to achieve their goal effectively. Thanks to technology, they can connect with their target on a variety of media while creating tailored, relevant and engaging messages.

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