7 questions you ask yourself on media trading!

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The digital advertising market, in perpetual growth, is facing a new way of communicating: the media trade. It is THE subject that counts on making online sales advertising practices move. Are you asking yourself some questions on this topic? Here are all the answers.

Question number 1: What is media trade?

Here are the 4 components of media trade: 
Trading: for the online (on the internet) or in-store purchasing or selling of goods and services.Trading includes all the contact points with a consumer. It acts on the entire consumer pathway (branding, acquisition, retain). 

Media: for all of the online advertising media which reach or influence consumers: Display, Video, Media Retail, DOOH, In-game, Digital Audio, sponsored advertisement as well as social networks…

Data: for all consumer data (centers of interest, product purchases, attention to promotions, frequency of purchase, type of household ...) that can be activated in the context of advertising devices 

Creation: for the creative capacity offered by digital in order to capture the attention of prospects on the various media. 

Trade + media + data + creation = the winning combo! 

This approach allows advertisers to optimize their e-commerce, retail & media data to better target their potential customers and optimize ROI across all digital channels with authentic creations.

media trading

Question 2: What is the difference between retail media and trade media? 

Retail media refers to all the advertising offers made by e-tailers and traditional retail stores. Retail media therefore includes not only traditional advertising but also the advertising use of transactional data. It is then a component of media trade.

Media trade has a much broader scope. It allows you to go much further in omnichannel by broadcasting on all marketing channels.

Question 3: What is the main advantage of media retailing?

The main advantage of media retailing lies in an audience planning logic based on the activation of large-scale consumer data from major retailers for granular and precise targeting.

Access to this rich and relevant data allows you to adapt messages according to the targets, but also to broadcast at the right time and in the right place. You can then rationalize your media investment by measuring the performance of your actions by following precise KPIs (e.g.: awareness uplift, cost per qualified visit, transformation rate, cost per acquisition, ROAS, etc.). 

Question 4: Is media trade a full funnel? 

Media trade can be activated on the full conversion funnel

From awareness (making your brand and products known), to consideration (attracting attention), to conversion (inciting action), until loyalty.

Question 5: Is media trade omnichannel or multichannel?

Media trade is customer-centric. It offers consumers a global and coherent experience across all customer relationship channels. It is therefore an omnichannel approach (as opposed to multichannel or cross-channel, which are brand-centric).

Question 6: What objectives can media trade meet?

Media trade can meet all your marketing objectives

1 - Boost the visibility and awareness of your brand and products

2 - Increase your traffic and conversions on your website 

3 - Drive your target in your points of sale

4 - Engage your customers through enriched advertising creations

5 - Build customer loyalty

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Question 7: Is media trade exclusively available to retailers? 

Media trade is accessible to all business sectors: automotive, travel, real estate, energy, cosmetics, ...

It's a new way to build your digital strategy and to orchestrate your digital activations. 

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