How to boost your ad creation to launch high-impact campaigns?

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You've been running your advertising campaigns on your different communication channels for a few weeks now, and you're starting to understand why they're not performing as well as you'd like: the problem lies in your ad creation.

Are you looking for inspiration to optimize your creations and increase your performance?

Discover here the 6 key steps to follow to design effective and original ad creations.

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What is an ad creation?

In the advertising business, we call "ad creation" or “ad design” all the elements that will allow the message of a communication campaign to be conveyed.

But an advertising creative does not simply consist of the key message of a campaign. It is in fact the association of:

  • Your advertising formats
  • Your advertising locations
  • Your advertising message
  • Your Landing Page 

Any good advertising strategy must take care of its creations. Indeed, it is the first element of your brand image that your target will see before discovering your website. It must therefore reflect elements such as your visual identity or your brand values.

But the effectiveness of your creations will also influence the performance of your campaign. For example, Facebook estimates that between 50 and 80% of the performance of acquisition campaigns conducted on its platform are related to the graphic design that accompanies the ad.

A good reason for you to take care of this element - and therefore, to follow the pieces of advice that you are going to discover now!

“Good ad creation doesn't just rely on graphic design skills. For these to drive your campaign to success, they must combine best practices for each of the formats and delivery platforms you've chosen, a good knowledge of your targets, and technological skills. Add to that a good dose of creativity and innovation: that's the final touch of the recipe for good creation.” Romain Botti Marketing Lead, Biggie Group

6 key steps to really effective advertising creations

Good ad creation leaves nothing to chance. Be sure to apply the following best practices to ensure the performance of your ad campaigns.

Identify the most relevant audiences and their digital uses

Start by identifying which audiences you want to target, and study their profiles, as well as their preferences in terms of media and digital uses.

This profiling of your core target will influence all the choices you will make afterwards in your ad creation: visuals, colors, graphic design, wording, formats, targeted devices... 

To do this, don't hesitate to use persona profiles or Ideal Customer Profiles, which you have previously created by studying the expectations and habits of your audiences.

Define your key advertising message

The key message at the heart of your advertising campaign must reflect the goals of this campaign. Whether you launch your campaigns internally or hire an advertising agency, you must define it well in advance. It is indeed from this message that your advertising slogans and taglines will be refined.

When you define this message, take into account :

  • Your brand mission, its reason for being 
  • Its values
  • The problems that your products or services solve for your targets

In short, the key to a good advertising message is to craft a message that focuses on the benefits your customers can get from your offers - not just on your product itself.

Activate the right media and formats

Depending on the audiences you want to reach and the advertising channels you select, you can choose from a multitude of media and formats to use.

How can you be sure to choose the right ones? The best practice is to take into account the digital habits of your targets.

For example, if you want to reach your audience on mobile, you can choose to set up video ads on social networks (like TikTok, Instagram) or interstitial ads in mobile applications.

On the other hand, if your goal is to reach your targets on desktop, you will choose formats such as display banners or wallpaper on affiliate sites.

Do not hesitate to rely on current trends, but also to innovate! Smaller advertising channels, such as addressable TV, can be an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Decline your advertising formats

Once you have designed an ad format based on your graphic chart, editorial chart and tone of voice, it's time to roll it out across multiple media and communication channels.

Make sure that your branding is well highlighted on each of these formats, but don't forget to take into account the specificities of each channel to decline your ad creations. Indeed, advertisers communicate differently on social media than they do via DOOH. 

In order not to make mistakes, always keep in mind the media consumption habits of your targets, and adapt your communication techniques according to that.

Respect the technical specs of your ad formats

Each advertising format and each distribution channel has its own technical specs, which you need to respect to make your ad campaign as effective as possible.

For example, if you don't respect the technical specifications of the visuals to promote in your ad campaigns on social networks, your ads may be cut off, jeopardizing the delivery of your key message.

Therefore, find out before each campaign what formats your visual creation should take.

Customize your message in real time for each profile

To make your campaign a success, there is nothing like being able to personalize the ad creation that you broadcast to your targets. To do so, you can use an interesting automation tool that helps you customize your message in real time: Dynamic Creative Optimization (or DCO).

It is a tool that automatically selects the appropriate graphic elements (colors, images, call to action) and taglines according to the user's profile.

For example, a DCO can allow you to personalize the message displayed on a banner according to the data that the target has left on the web: a particular product will be highlighted according to the pages they visited on your website.

DCO can also use real-time contextual elements to adapt your ad creations: the weather, for example.

In short, DCO allows you to achieve the promise of programmatic advertising: deliver the right message, to the right target, at the right time, in the right place.

Need help in designing truly impactful ad creations? Call on our advertising design studio GASTON. Art director, copywriter, graphic designer: we have all the expertise you need to make your advertising campaigns a real success. Contact a Gamned! expert now, and let's talk about your project!


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