ChatGPT & marketing: how can you use this technology in your digital advertising strategy?

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Everybody is talking about it: the artificial intelligence revolution is on its way, with different types of applications being created to serve various purposes. Among them, one is making more noise than the others: ChatGPT, a particularly powerful conversational agent. Our Gamned! experts are currently conducting tests on the use of this AI in digital marketing. That’s why we wanted to share our current thoughts on the use of ChatGPT in marketing, and in particular in digital advertising.

What is ChatGPT?

The three letters in ChatGPT's name stand for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer". It refers to a conversational agent developed by OpenAI, a company co-created by several leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, and Sam Altman, a brilliant engineer and head of the prestigious American start-up accelerator Y Combinator.

ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, and is now valued at $29 billion in 2023, after Microsoft said it was ready to invest $1 billion in the company OpenAI.

This tool caused a real panic among the GAFAs, including Google, which went into "code red" at the end of November 2022, as it felt threatened by the potential impact of ChatGPT on online searches. Then, on February 6, 2023, Google announced the launch of its own conversational chatbot, Bard, which aims to compete with ChatGPT.

The business model of this chatbot is currently based on a freemium model: users can use a minimal version of the AI for free, and must pay a subscription to access the entire product.

What is ChatGPT used for?

This chatbot uses Artificial Intelligence to understand complex queries in natural language, and answer its users' questions in a relevant way.

In fact, it can: 

  • Generate texts according to a given theme
  • Translate text
  • Write "in the style of” someone
  • Develop computer programs

The basic version of ChatGPT only feeds off the conversations the chatbot has with users. But other AIs, based on ChatGPT, can go further. For example, the tool combines ChatGPT with data from Google to increase its relevance. Other AIs, such as, can create logos, websites or graphic charts. We can also mention, which allows you to create texts that seem written by human copywriters.

In this sense, ChatGPT could, in the long run, automate tedious tasks normally carried out by humans, and thus generate productivity gains for many areas of the company... including marketing professionals.

How can you use ChatGPT in digital marketing?

What better way to answer this question than to ask ChatGPT itself?

The chatbot's answer is relatively simplistic. But our Gamned! experts have already identified opportunities to combine ChatGPT and marketing, to exploit its full value in digital advertising campaigns, whether on social networks, on search engines or in display.

We can imagine that ChatGPT can...

  • Find insights for your digital marketing campaigns. Some AIs derived from ChatGPT are based on Google results, social media posts, and customer reviews - so they become able to detect trends related to your industry, or to see the questions your targets have about your products or services. All these elements can then be used in your marketing strategy, in particular to determine the topics that your targets are interested in, or to design relevant customer journeys.
  • Create relevant segments of your audience. ChatGPT is able to generate an audience segment that details the targeting criteria (age, gender, interests, language, etc.) that can be implemented according to the different digital advertising channels you want to broadcast your campaign on. This allows you to further refine the way you target your campaigns.
  • Produce quality content automatically. Applied to digital advertising, ChatGPT can generate slogans related to specific themes, or write scripts for your video ads. This can be a real source of inspiration, or even a concrete starting point to launch campaigns before optimizing them.
  • Automatically translate your advertising campaigns. No need to spend a lot of time on your translations anymore: ChatGPT is able to provide quality translations in an automated way. This saves you time, and allows you to focus on tasks where human intelligence has real added value.
  • Automate certain tasks (especially commercial or after-sales service tasks). For example, you can automate sending your cold emailings, answering your customers' questions on your live chats, or managing support requests via ChatGPT.
  • Help you develop your overall communication campaign, giving you valuable insights into your audience’s topics of interest or the types of content to publish, for example.
  • Design graphic creations, if the conversational agent is coupled with other Artificial Intelligences, such as MidJourney.
  • Help you develop websites or applications, or fix bugs on your existing digital platforms.
  • Analyze the performance of your marketing activities, by reviewing the KPIs you have achieved, or even by automating your reporting, and by suggesting ways to optimize your campaigns.

As you can see, ChatGPT could quickly disrupt a number of industries, including marketing. However, note that, as of today, Artificial Intelligence must always be coupled with human intelligence - it simply cannot do without it. Moreover, AI will probably never replace human intelligence.

Also note that right now, all the data that ChatGPT uses is dated from 2021. Therefore, the chatbot does not take into account all the information after this date, which can make it less relevant. If you plan to use ChatGPT in your marketing, always check the relevance of its answers, without totally delegating your digital marketing tasks to it.

Moreover, if ChatGPT can be an interesting assistance, we know that some ranking algorithms (like the one Google search engine uses) could penalize the SEO of sites that use it in an automated way.

Not to mention the fact that other players in the IT world intend to counter-attack, as Google is doing with its chatbot Bard. It will soon be a question of knowing which AI will be the most relevant to accompany you in your marketing actions.

At Gamned!, our experts continue their research to estimate the added value of ChatGPT in your digital advertising campaigns. In the meantime, how about we talk about your marketing needs? Contact us now!

“At the moment, ChatGPT is already able to respond in an interesting way to queries asked by users. But, in the long run, this conversational agent (or similar AI solutions) could go even further, especially if it is fed by larger data sources. It could boost many advertisers' digital strategy with valuable insights, and create content automatically, to assist marketers, sales and customer support. Currently, AI is not relevant enough for you to delegate all your digital advertising tasks to it. But the revolution in our businesses is well underway - and it will push web marketing professionals to develop the added value of their human intelligence even further!" Silvana Imperiali Managing Director DACH, Gamned!


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