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The power of influencers and their impact on consumers behavior are no longer to be doubted. Rightfully, brands give more and more importance to those new opinion leaders in their marketing strategy to reinforce their presence on social media and target qualified audience with engaging and original contents.

Decided to bring influence marketing to the next level, Gamned! – the only independent trading desk – launched Fused!, the very first offer combining the impact of influencers with the precision of programmatic, bringing the best of both world and expending influencer’s horizon.  

Influencers where they are not expected

In only a few years, influencers of all kinds – from food bloggers, fashion & beauty instragrammers to Youtube’s tribe of gamers and twitter sensations – managed to gain the trust of their growing audiences and become real communication professionals, combining authenticity and closeness. Gamned! decided to step up the game and bring up influencers where they are not expected! Have you ever imagined seeing them at your breakfast table while you are checking the latest news on your phone, between two episodes of the show you are watching in replay or even at your bus stop? Now you can.

Influence marketing and programmatic : new opportunities to seize

It is no secret that influencer’s posts are having a meaningful impact on their audience. According to a recent study, 82 % of internet users declare following the advices of trustworthy influencers and their recommendations even weight on their buying decisions since 44% of the consumers admitted that they considered buying a product or trying a service after finding out about it through an influencer’s post and a third of them actually did.

However, the lifecycle of their content are pretty short-lived (between 18min and 24h  depending on the social media) and are, despite the common preconception, not very visible. On Instagram for example – influencer’s favorite network – about 70% of the posts aren’t seen.

In a nutshell, impactful messages but a limited reach. So here is the question we are eager to answer: how can brands optimize their partnerships with influencers?

A revolutionary offer to power your influencer campaigns

Hybrid and innovative, Fused! combines the precision of programmatic techniques with the impact of influence marketing and allows brands to extend the reach of the engaging content produced by influenceurs but also activate their audiences on different plateforms and through various formats.

Thanks to a brand new technological development, Gamned can now help brands build 360 digital strategy and capitalize on synergies between their paid and owned marketing : from identifying the right influencers and creating creative campaigns to programmatic activations.

«To be even more impactful, influence marketing strategies must be combined with other marketing levers such as media programmatic. Fully aware that influencers are not only first choice brand ambassadors but also real information relays whose legitimacy outdo those of traditional medias, brands now want to integrate them increasingly in their strategy. With this in mind and to meet announcers’ expectations, we created Fused!, the perfect combination between influence marketing and programmatic to power the campaigns’ reach and give a whole new perspective to influencers» Anthony Spinasse, COO de Gamned!.


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