Influencers and advertising: an alliance for ultra-precise identification and targeting

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Influencer strategy and programmatic advertising have become two major tools for marketers today, whatever their marketing goals are - from branding to conversion to customer loyalty.

What if the two were to combine to create a strategy that offers ultra-relevant targeting, message authenticity and advertising performance?

Focus on this winning combination, the new field of action for the experts at Gamned!.

Why combine an influencer strategy with programmatic advertising?

Influence marketing and programmatic advertising possess significant striking power when combined.

  • On one hand, influence marketing taps into current behavior trends. Users are seeking authentic discourse and communities where they feel heard - something that influencers provide them with on social media.
  • On the other hand, programmatic advertising fulfills today's advertisers' dreams: delivering the right ad, at the right time, to the right target, in the right context, all at an advantageous cost.

By combining the two, you benefit from both the power of the influencer's message (in terms of recall rate and relevance) and the ultra-precise targeting of programmatic.

Furthermore, influencers have communities that gather around specific themes. The selection of influencers based on the advertising objective naturally enhances the targeting established on the programmatic side and lends it credibility.

In short, activating influencers, their reputation and their communities of followers in your programmatic advertising is a highly effective marketing strategy!

Concretely, what does the combination of influencers and programmatic mean?

So, in practical terms, how does the combination of influencers and advertising work? There are a number of possible use cases for your advertising strategy: here they are.

Multiply your influencers' points of contact

Through a programmatic advertising campaign, you can activate your partner influencers and harness their power beyond social media.

For example, you can deploy the content created as part of your influence marketing strategy through segmented TV, via a pre-roll advertisement on YouTube, or even through an audio advertisement on a streaming platform. These are all potential additional touchpoints with your target audience.

Expand the audience exposed to influencer messages

By doing influencer marketing on social media alone, you're dependent on the algorithm of these social platforms. On the other hand, by amplifying your influence campaign through programmatic advertising, you broaden the audience that can be reached by the message delivered by the influencer.

For example, it is possible to create lookalike audiences based on the engaged community of the partnering influencer, to reach new audiences similar to their community.

Extend the lifespan of your influencer marketing campaign

Typically, influencer campaigns have a fairly limited lifespan: they run for a few hours or days, depending on the format selected with the influencer.

But thanks to programmatic advertising, you can reuse content co-created with an influencer beyond the duration of the campaign. For example, you can choose to broadcast a story created on an influencer's account in a programmatic ad, taking it beyond the 24-hour limit of the format.

Customize your influencer campaign with programmatic solutions

In an influencer marketing campaign, you co-create generic content to address your influencer's community. However, as a brand, you probably have several targets, or several marketing goals, which require you to personalize your messages.

Thanks to the association of influencers and advertising, this is possible! Rather than broadcasting a single, unique message from the influencer, you can adapt it according to specific criteria. Your influencer gives you his or her image rights so that they can be scripted in different contexts thanks to DCO. The message can then be adapted, for example, according to the weather or the target's location.

What the experts have to say 

opinion d'un expert de Gamned, Nicolas Havouy
“Historically, programmatic ads allows you to control the people you want to target, the messages you want to get across, the channels through which your campaigns are delivered, as well as your budget. But today's consumers value recommendations, whether they come from their peers, or from influencers whose opinions are relevant to them. This is where the combination of digital advertising and influencers comes in handy: it brings more authenticity and credibility to your campaigns - and therefore, ultimately, more performance.” Nicolas Havouy, Senior Media Trader at Gamned!

It's then safe to say that there is no better way to maximize your performance than to harness the power of influence and programmatic marketing techniques. 

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