The new ways your audience uses TikTok that’ll inspire you for your campaigns

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Numerous brands persist in believing that TikTok is not for them.

While some are convinced that their core audience is simply not represented on this social network, others are afraid to jump in because they don't fit in with the relaxed, humorous tone often associated with the app.

And yet, TikTok is no longer just a pure entertainment platform! Its uses now go much further, and justify its promotional value for most advertisers.

Discover the new uses of this increasingly successful app, and get inspiration for your next TikTok advertising campaign.

Entertainment: TikTok's traditional usage persists

Remember: before it became TikTok, Gen Z's favorite social network was called Today, even if TikTok is no longer solely focused on music and lipsynch as was its ancestor, the platform remains a place where users go for entertainment.

Proof of this can be found in a NoScroll & Influence4You study from June 2023, in which 70% of respondents said that content creators made them laugh or entertained them.

This usage is largely due to the very format of the content on TikTok: short, immersive, snackable videos.

How can brands draw inspiration from this trend?

Continue to create basically entertaining content. Your TikTok campaigns need to engage your audiences. To do this, you can capitalize on current trends by adopting the platform's codes: use trendy sounds and filters, and add your own touch to the fun that is TikTok.

Boost your brand awareness, gain visibility amongst new prospects, build loyalty with existing customers, generate conversions... These are just some of the advertising goals you can pursue with your next TikTok campaign. But, to succeed in creating a message that's impactful and relevant to users, you need to familiarize yourself with the app's new uses, as well as its codes. Take the time to test all the app's functionalities - including its search bar, its ad system and its Shopping features. And don't hesitate to find influencers in line with your company's DNA: their notoriety will help you gain authenticity and relevance in your campaigns. Lynda Sanial, Marketing & Communication Manager at Gamned!.

TikTok: the new favorite social network for finding information

Users now go to TikTok to search for information - regardless of their age group.

First and foremost, many of them are looking for products or services that meet their current needs

In fact, Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior VP at Google, has said that younger users are now turning to Instagram and TikTok, rather than Google's own apps, for discovery purposes. He explains: 

 "In our studies, we observe that 40% of young people looking for a restaurant don't go to Google Maps or Search, but to TikTok or Instagram."

But TikTok users also search the platform for news-related content. Again according to the NoScroll & Influence4You study, 56% say that content creators inform or teach them things.

However, it's important to know that users are also aware of how biased social networks can be when it comes to information. For instance, a recent study has shown that a median of only 35% of users trust the political news they get on social media.

So how do they use the platform to seek out information and sources of inspiration? Many allow themselves to be guided by the social network's algorithm, which, based on a content graph, suggests content similar to that which they have already consumed and enjoyed.

But a new habit is also beginning to take root among TikTok targets: searching for content using the app's search bar. In fact, this search bar is becoming increasingly relevant, thanks to the TikTok algorithm which is able to read text, sound and video to index relevant content. It would even appear that this famous bar is updated according to what users have searched for most after watching a video.

How can brands draw inspiration from this trend?

  • Create informative content that provides ready-to-use solutions for your prospects and customers - whether for your own TikTok account, for partnerships with influencers, or for TikTok Ads campaigns.
  • Design your content creation as you would with SEO content, i.e. according to the analysis of user requests on the platform. For instance, you can decide to create your organic posts and ads based on the most popular hashtags on the platform.

TikTok's e-commerce uses and features

Think that the video-only social network is just a place for finding information and discovering brands? The app's e-commerce functionalities and uses will help you take a fresh look at your TikTok campaigns.

According to the NoScroll & Influence4You study : 

  • 33% of users say they have bought online a product discovered in an influencer partnership.
  • 21% say they bought one immediately after seeing a sponsored post.

The virality of the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag is proof of this, with 8.1 billion views on the app to date! 

But purchasing products isn't just a matter of influencer marketing on the platform. TikTok Shopping features enable brands to take control of their e-commerce on the platform themselves.

With TikTok Shopping, you can : 

  • Include a product catalog directly on the app, in a dedicated store.
  • Create shoppable videos, on which users can click to view products in the TikTok store.
  • Integrate these products into live shopping videos on the platform.

How can brands draw inspiration from this trend?

  • Implement a real influencer marketing strategy on the platform, inspired by TikTok's most viral and successful campaigns.
  • Invest in TikTok Shopping's e-commerce solutions, to facilitate your audience's shopping experience on the app. By limiting the number of clicks required to purchase your products, you can ensure an optimal conversion rate.

New influencer practices for your TikTok campaigns

TikTok places Content Creators at the heart of its platform. In fact, they are the ones who bring content to life and create new uses for TikTok as the app evolves over time.

According to the NoScroll & Influence4You study, no less than 67% of respondents say that influencers inspire them or give them ideas. And according to the Digital Marketing Institute, 70% of GenZ users say they trust influencers more than brands and celebrities when it comes to their purchasing decisions.

However, this doesn't mean that users don't have a certain suspicion when it comes to recommendations from content creators!

So, to keep the trust of their communities, influencers are increasingly focusing on values such as spontaneity, transparency and authenticity in their content.

Hence the trend you may have already come across on the platform: "deinfluencing". As part of this trend, the content creator recommends not to buy a specific product - notably to condemn over-consumption or dropshipping.

How can brands draw inspiration from this trend?

  • Look for influencers who are already using your products or services to make them bigger brand ambassadors, and master the brand messages they promote for you.
  • Target Content Creators aligned with your brand DNA, who would be genuinely interested in your products or services. Then give them genuine freedom to promote those authentically.
  • Set up dedicated operations rather than pure product placement. The latter tend to be perceived more negatively, whereas a tangible partnership will take on a more authentic aura, more in line with users' expectations.
  • Deploy long-term partnerships with your influencers, to create a climate of trust with your audiences.

Feeling inspired by these new uses to launch your next TikTok campaign? If you need help with social network advertising, contact a Gamned! expert today, and tell us about your project. 


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